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  1. Jennifer A. Wolfe

    Jennifer A. Wolfe


    Jennifer A. Wolfe, PhD, is an associate professor of mathematics education at the University of Arizona. She has taught a variety of courses, facilitated professional development workshops for K–12 prospective and in-service teachers, and most recently co-developed a middle-grades summer lab school with a local school district.

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  2. Brian Wise

    Brian Wise

    Literacy Reading Science

    Brian Wise is a literacy coach and English teacher at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois. He specializes in building teacher capacity for embedding literacy skills into classroom instruction and assessment.

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  3. John Wink

    John Wink

    Leadership Professional Learning Communities Response to Intervention

    John Wink currently serves as the superintendent of Carthage ISD in Carthage, Texas. Prior to that, John served as the director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment for the Tatum Independent School District in Tatum, Texas, and principal at Gilmer Elementary School.

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  4. Holly Windram

    Holly Windram

    Response to Intervention

    Holly Windram, PhD, is executive director of the Michigan Education Corps. She is a former district director of special education, school psychologist, assistant director of special education, and chief education officer.

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  5. Jai Wilson

    Jai Wilson

    Professional Learning Communities School Improvement Teams

    Dr. Julia “Jai” Wilson is an assistant principal for Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky. She has served as a science teacher and department chair, as well as assistant principal for five different high schools.

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  6. Kimberly Williams

    Kimberly Williams

    Leadership Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Kimberly Williams, PhD, is a faculty member at the Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies, Dr. Williams teaches graduate courses for teachers on cognition, history, and philosophy of education.

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  7. Kenneth C. Williams

    Kenneth C. Williams

    Instruction Leadership Student Engagement Teams

    Kenneth C. Williams, a former teacher, assistant principal, and principal, shares his experience and expertise as a recognized trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant in education and leadership.

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  8. Amy Williams

    Amy Williams

    Competency-Based Learning Professional Learning Communities Response to Intervention Special Needs Teams

    Amy Williams works with district administrators, principals, and teachers to build collaborative teams and school cultures, establish coherent and aligned systems, and develop the capacity to work with diverse learners.

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  9. Jason Williams

    Jason Williams

    Curriculum Instruction

    Jason Williams is a coordinator for teaching and learning at North Shore School District 112 in Illinois. In his role, he leads professional learning for the K–8 staff to support best teaching practices in all content areas.

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  10. Gerald R. Williams

    Gerald R. Williams

    Gerald R. Williams has over 15 years’ experience implementing and supporting PLC and RTI work in schools and districts. Most recently, he served as the executive director of elementary education for the Nampa School District in Idaho.

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