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Co-Creating the Future

A Leadership Simulation to Catalyze School Change

By: Richard Bernato

Richard Bernato empowers district and school leaders to apply futuring, design thinking, collaborative leadership skills, and systems practices using simulation. Discover a seven-phase process that leaders can use to model the impacts and outcomes of changes that affect long-term needs, school culture, and academic success.

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Format: Paperback

Strategies to build a future-oriented mindset in leaders

Experiment with change in your school or district through an interactive leadership strategy. Richard Bernato empowers leaders with a seven-phase leadership simulation that creates a safe space for leaders to craft and modify future strategies. Casting school leaders in roles inside and outside of school, this book allows educators to address real-world futures-based concerns like demographics, economics, academics, and politics.

K–12 school and district leaders will:

  • Understand the importance of safe experimentation in leading effectively
  • Facilitate a simulation of key areas of concern in their profession
  • Learn the seven phases of a simulation and how to handle team dynamics
  • Use futures-based leadership practices to empower teams
  • See real-life simulation scenarios applied by other leaders

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Product Code: BKG155

ISBN: 9781958590812

Published By: Solution Tree