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Foundational PLC at Work® Model Agenda

Tim Brown

Setting the Stage: Understanding the Big Ideas and Foundational Blocks of the PLC at Work® Process

Tim discusses the three big ideas of the PLC at Work process and their connection to beliefs and practices. He addresses what it means to focus on learning, work collaboratively, and be accountable to a school’s mission, vision, values, and goals.

Aaron Hansen

Owning Their Learning: Students as Partners in Reaching Next-Generation Rigor

In this session, participants consider what they want students to learn to succeed in all areas of their lives. Educators learn how to supercharge their PLC practices—the most powerful model for changing schools—to help students gain attributes, skills, and hope for the most crucial test—the test of life.

Mike Mattos

The Essential Work of Teacher Teams in a Professional Learning Community

Teacher teams are the engines that drive the PLC at Work® process and student learning, but only if they focus on the right work. This book pulls resources from Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work (2016) to show how effective teacher teams manage their precious collaboration time. Coauthor Mike Mattos shares valuable tools and practical examples.

Mike Mattos

Challenging Educational Mythology: Proven Practices and Brutal Facts in Creating Great Schools

Mike Mattos discusses essential practices required to create high levels of learning for every student. He challenges educational myths that hold schools back.

Mike Mattos

Simplifying Response to Intervention: How to Create a Highly Effective, Multitiered System of Supports

How does your school respond when students don't learn? Compelling evidence shows that response to intervention (RTI)—]also known as a multitiered system of supports (MTSS)—can engage a school's staff to provide every student with additional time and support to learn at high levels. Yet this potential lies dormant at many schools, buried under layers of state regulations, district protocols, misguided priorities, and traditional practices.

Luis F. Cruz

I Am Sold on PLCs: Practical Tools and Directions to Be Successful

Luis F. Cruz shares articles, templates, activities, and videos to provide administrative and teacher leaders the necessary tools to amplify improvement at their site.

Anthony Muhammad

Building Culture, Creating Purpose, and Overcoming Frustration on Your PLC Journey

Anthony Muhammad addresses two vital stages when creating a PLC culture: 1) establishing philosophical agreement and building shared purpose, and 2) addressing staff frustration and discomfort with change. Participants explore theories linking school culture to student learning. They leave with practical strategies to transform their culture when they return to their schools.

Anthony Muhammad

Getting Started: Building Consensus and Responding to Resisters

Anthony Muhammad addresses these questions: How can a faculty build consensus to effect substantial change? What are the most effective ways to respond to the concerns resisters even when the staff has decided to move forward?

Anthony Muhammad

Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap: Liberating Mindsets to Effect Change

Anthony Muhammad explores connections among personal and institutional mindsets and academic achievement gaps. Inequality in student learning outcomes has been studied and debated for years. Dr. Muhammad asserts that the primary culprit is our individual and collective thinking in the fight to overcome the achievement gap.

Sarah Schuhl

Creating Common Assessments for Team and Student Learning

Sarah Schuhl helps address the purpose of assessments and how to identify what students have and have not yet learned. Participants explore considerations for writing quality common assessments and using them to involve students in their learning.

Eric Twadell

In Relentless Pursuit of Redundancy: Initiating and Sustaining the PLC at Work® Process

Eric Twadell highlights the work that Adlai E. Stevenson High School—the birthplace of the PLC at Work® process—has done to stay focused on the fundamental components of their PLC at Work culture and drive a steady increase in student learning and achievement.