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Stream Your Own RTI at Work™ LIVE Institute This Summer

Immersive professional learning to launch your team into a successful school year

A clear path for doing what’s best for students

Student achievement gaps—no matter how wide they may be—can be closed. The key is not to do more, but to shed the excess in order to do more of what matters. As you focus your efforts on navigating your way forward, rely on the RTI at Work™ process to set your school’s compass to true north.

A commitment to this proven process will elevate every member of your team as you work to collectively focus on the essentials, act with urgency, and eradicate hot spots that impede learning. To begin this vital work, invite your entire staff to participate in an RTI at Work™ LIVE Institute—no travel required.


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Key Benefits

  • Host an RTI at Work™ LIVE Institute for the most cost-effective investment to build capacity among all staff to support achievement during the COVID slide recovery.
  • Move beyond survival mode and prepare both new and veteran teachers to support students who have fallen behind grade-level expectations.
  • Forge team bonds and comradery as you work to craft an intentional intervention plan that explicitly articulates actionable steps.
  • Create and propel productive habits and routines to ensure every student’s learning needs are met.
  • Provide peace of mind for your staff by maintaining control over safety protocols for gatherings in your school rather than traveling to out-of-town events.
  • Celebrate the dedication of your team to persevere during challenging circumstances.
  • Secure commitment from parents and school board members as a result of direct participation in the learning process.
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Build Your RTI at Work™ LIVE Institute

  • Choose which live institute you would like to stream to your school
  • Personalize your event experience from a menu of options
  • Bring an RTI at Work associate to you for on-site support (available as needed)
  • Invite any number of attendees from your school or district to attend
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Participate in Shared Learning

  • Learn directly from current and former practitioners who have firsthand experience implementing the RTI at Work process
  • Deepen your expertise as individuals and teams with sessions designed to increase individual and collective efficacy
  • Acquire practical solutions to current roadblocks and challenges that your school is facing
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Become Better Together

  • Put student learning on track
  • Become more organized and effective
  • Work together in more productive ways
  • Be connected and united as a team
  • Stay focused as new challenges arise

Never before has it been possible for all staff and parents to collectively participate in an RTI at Work™ LIVE Institute

Learn from Celebrated & Respected RTI at Work™ Experts

Keynote speakers

How It Works

We’re taking the very best of our RTI at Work™ Institute programming and live-streaming it to schools like yours for a professional learning experience that is far-reaching, interactive, and immersive.

Begin the Journey

RTI at Work LIVE Institutes will be broadcast from two RTI-focused schools in June and July. Choose the event you’d like to stream based on which date and time zone best serves your school’s needs.

Livestream Dates

June 21–23
Brigham City, Utah
Mountain Time Zone

July 14–16
San Antonio, TX
Central Time Zone

Commit to Improvement

Signing up to stream the event is easy, and we encourage you to invite as many educators to attend as possible—even educators from surrounding schools.

Generate Excitement

Solution Tree will support you by giving you our top-rated Institute Playbook, so you can prepare the best experience for your staff. We will also help you communicate the long-lasting value of this event to your stakeholders and community.

Customize Your Experience

Additional on-site expertise from one or more of our certified RTI at Work associates is available to you. This means that your team will access an on-site expert facilitator to further engage in more in-depth conversations and ask probing questions to further develop your team’s skills.

You will also have access to the best-selling Taking Action and support materials like printed and bound program guides, reusable event tote bags, and more at a significantly discounted rate. Select these helpful add-ons from the menu of available choices.

Build Shared Knowledge

Bring your learning community together to participate in a school-changing experience. Thoughtfully designed event sessions address current needs, and a special evening webinar for parents will help them better understand the steps you are taking to ensure high levels of learning for their children.

Give your entire team live access to answers & inspiration

Enhance Your Event

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On-Site RTI at Work™ Associate

Learning by Doing

Taking Action

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Empower every member of your school community to drive profound improvements in student achievement

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