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Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School Book Study List

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School principal Bo Ryan, literacy coach Sarah Henry, and assistant principal Brendan Hines read and discussed dozens of Solution Tree books that were used for learning, sharing, creating, and research. Learn how book studies helped the school make significant progress toward closing the achievement gap and improving overall student performance by viewing their success story.
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  1. The New Art and Science of Teaching

    This title is a greatly expanded volume of the original The Art and Science of Teaching, offering a framework for substantive change based on Dr. Marzano’s 50 years of education research.

    USD $33.95


  2. Simplifying Common Assessment

    Discover how to write and use team-designed common formative assessments that help ensure all students master essential skills and concepts.

    USD $31.95


  3. Creating a Culture of Feedback

    Discover how to shift your classroom focus to prioritize effective feedback over grades, giving students all the information they need to succeed.

    USD $17.95


  4. A Leader’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom

    By: John Wink

    Explore the Hierarchy of Instructional Excellence and schoolwide support systems to help education leaders guarantee ultimate teacher success.

    USD $36.95


  5. Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment in Your Classroom

    This book helps teachers create a positive classroom learning environment by establishing clearer expectations, enhancing instruction and assessment, and fostering quality relationships with students.

    USD $31.95


  6. Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Grades 6–8: The TQE Process Sale
    Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Grades 6–8: The TQE Process

    This multimedia workshop helps create a shared vision of classrooms where teachers and students are engaged in meaningful mathematics learning experiences.

    USD $199.95


  7. Activating the Vision -86.47%
    Activating the Vision

    The Four Keys of Mathematics Leadership

    To build a successful mathematics program, mathematics leaders must establish a cohesive vision for teaching and learning and put it into action.

    Regular Price USD $36.95 Special Price USD $5.00


  8. Learning by Doing

    A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    The third edition of this comprehensive action guide includes new strategies, tools, and tips for building high-performing professional learning communities. Use the PLC process to establish effective teaching methods, curriculum development, and assessment strategies specific to your school or district.

    USD $43.95


  9. Concise Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Learning Communities at Work™

    This powerful, quick-reference guidebook is a must-have for teachers and administrators working to create and sustain the PLC process.

    USD $36.95


  10. Creating and Protecting the Shared Foundation of a Professional Learning Community at Work®

    This video workshop outlines the four pillars—mission, vision, values, and goals—essential to implement and sustain a successful PLC.

    USD $174.95