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Tom Hierck

Tom Hierck has been an educator since 1983 in a career that has spanned all grade levels. He has been a teacher, an administrator, a district leader, a department of education project leader, and an executive director.

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Tom Hierck talks about his approach to identifying and responding to classroom management challenges.

Tom Hierck

Tom Hierck has been an educator since 1983 in a career that has spanned all grade levels and many roles in public education. His experiences as a teacher, an administrator, a district leader, a department of education project leader, and an executive director have provided a unique context for his education philosophy.

Tom is a compelling presenter, infusing his message of hope with strategies culled from the real world. He understands that educators face unprecedented challenges and knows which strategies will best serve learning communities. Tom has presented to schools and districts across North America with a message of celebration for educators seeking to make a difference in the lives of students. His dynamic presentations explore the importance of positive learning environments and the role of assessment to improve student learning. His belief that “every student is a success story waiting to be told” has led him to work with teachers and administrators to create positive school cultures and build effective relationships that facilitate learning for all students.

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Assessment Center

Assessment Center experts have proven success in developing and implementing sustainable assessment practices that garner hope through achievement. Work with them to create assessment systems that provide accurate, meaningful, and actionable information to drive student learning.

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Common Core

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Presentations by Tom Hierck

  • Pyramid of Behavior Intervention: Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment
  • Building Common Expectations: The Behavior Matrix
  • Creating a Behavior PLC
  • Common Formative Assessment: Informing and Guiding Our Work
  • Building Common Assessments
  • Using Assessment to Inform and Guide Our Practice
  • Balanced Assessment
  • Assessment Of/For/As/Is Learning
  • Results, Not Intentions
  • Student Work Speaks
  • Heart of Education: All Students Learning and Growing
  • Where Passion Meets Purpose: Moving From Believe to Achieve

“In my new role as principal, Tom's message was exactly what I needed to hear. It was really challenging and fun. I believe all educators should hear Tom's heartfelt perspective on kids and schools. The world would be a better place if they did.”

Leah Kingston, principal, Highwood High School, Alberta, Canada

“Tom was awesome. He worked so well with us and provided concise, well-informed information about all aspects of PLCs and use of CFAs.”

Scott Oliver, teacher, West High School, California

“We love Tom's integration of theory and practice and his involvement of real-life stories.”

Stacey Meyer, assistant superintendent, Foothills School Division, Alberta, Canada

“The presentation was well organized, goals were clearly defined, content was relevant, and the personal anecdotes created a comfortable learning climate.”

Lisa Moree, EL specialist, Harris Elementary, Arizona