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Mona Toncheff

Mona Toncheff, an educational presenter and author, is project manager for the Arizona Mathematics Partnership (a National Science Foundation-funded grant). She is a former mathematics content specialist.

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Mona Toncheff describes the professional development model she follows when working on-site with schools.

Mona Toncheff

Mona Toncheff, an educational presenter and author, is project manager for the Arizona Mathematics Partnership (a National Science Foundation–funded grant). A passionate educator working with diverse populations in a Title 1 District, she previously worked as both a mathematics teacher and as a mathematics specialist for the Phoenix Union High School District in Arizona. In the latter role, she provided professional development to high school teachers and administrators related to quality mathematics teaching and learning and working in effective collaborative teams.

Mona has supervised the culture change from teacher isolation to professional learning communities, creating articulated standards and relevant district common assessments and providing ongoing professional development on best practices, equity and access, technology, response to intervention, high-quality grading practices, and assessment for learning.

As a writer and presenter, Mona works with educators nationwide to build collaborative teams, empowering them with effective strategies for aligning curriculum, instruction, and assessment to ensure all students receive high-quality mathematics instruction.

Mona is currently an active member of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics board and has served NCSM in the roles of secretary (2007–2008), director of Western Region 1 (2012–2015), second vice president (2015–2016), first vice president (2016–2017), marketing and e-news editor (2017–2018), and president-elect (2018–2019). She will serve as president of NCSM from 2019 to 2021. In addition to her work with NCSM, Mona is also the current president of Arizona Mathematics Leaders (2016–2018). She was named 2009 Phoenix Union High School District Teacher of the Year, and in 2014, she received the Copper Apple Award for leadership in mathematics from the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics.

Mona earned a bachelor of science from Arizona State University and a master of education in educational leadership from Northern Arizona University.

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Presentations by Mona Toncheff

  • Understanding the Work of a PLC: Revisit, Relearn, and Renew
  • Building Lessons That Produce Students Who Are Powerful Mathematical Thinkers
  • Assessing Your Assessments: The Next Phase of Your Curriculum Implementation
  • Activating the Vision: How Do We Sustain the PLC Culture to Reach Our Vision?
  • Building Systems for Strengthening Mathematics Leadership Capacity
  • Differentiated Response to Learning Mathematics
  • Measuring “What Sticks” from Teacher Professional Learning: How Do We Ensure Sustainability?

“Mona did a great job of taking our concerns and questions and leading us into problem solving and discussion on goals and PLC. She helped us to put our ideas down in words.”

Robert Williams, reading specialist, Nye County School District, Nevada