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  1. AllThingsPLC Magazine Subscription

    AllThingsPLC Magazine is a must-have for emerging and veteran professional learning communities (PLCs). Each issue includes PLC research, inspiration, fixes, how-tos, and more.



  2. The Assessment Toolkit

    Designed by leading assessment experts, this curated toolkit includes thirty-two books for whole-school professional development.
    15% off regular retail price of these resources when you buy them as a toolkit. You save $186.



  3. The Handbook for Embedded Formative Assessment

    Developed as a companion to Dylan Wiliam’s Embedded Formative Assessment, this practical handbook is packed with proven techniques and how-tos for effective assessment strategies in the classroom. Use this Embedded Formative Assessment study guide in your journey to raise student engagement and academic achievement.



  4. The Keynote Toolkit

    Specially curated for educators who have experienced a PLC at Work® Institute, the Keynote Toolkit contains books written by experts who have inspired you from the stage. Robert Eaker, Anthony Muhammad, Mike Mattos, Jeanne Spiller, and other phenomenal experts dig into today’s hot-button professional development topics.
    30% off regular retail price when you buy these resources as a toolkit.



  5. NOW Classrooms Series

    This practical series presents classroom-tested lessons that connect technology to key learning outcomes and prepare students to succeed in the 21st century.



  6. The PLC Toolkit

    Powerful Tools for Improving Your School

    Discover the tools you need to transform your school into a successful PLC. This package of self-guided educational leadership books includes 31 books and a subscription to AllThingsPLC Magazine. Explore practical strategies, tips, and learning essentials to help you discover collaborative learning solutions and amplify your impact.
    15% off regular retail price when you buy these resources as a toolkit.
    You save over $181!



  7. Unstoppable Learning Series

    Create the best possible learning outcomes for students using a cohesive, student-centered learning framework. Examine Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey’s Unstoppable Learning instructional model from the planning stages to sustained school improvement.