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You’re a Teacher Now! What’s Next?

By: Tom Hierck, Alex Kajitani

“Anyone who has ever held the noble title of teacher has had that initial moment where they ask themselves, 'What have I got myself into?'” write Tom Hierck and Alex Kajitani. This is your lifeline: a quick read and conversational resource that both new and veteran educators will find handy to have in the classroom.

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Teacher tips for classroom management, relationship building, effective instruction, and self-care

Introducing your guide to navigating the seemingly endless swirl of questions facing new and veteran teachers. Trusted education experts Tom Hierck and Alex Kajitani draw from their experiences to offer research-backed tools and strategies in an easily referenced FAQ format. With wit and wisdom, they address the aspects of teaching that are often unacknowledged to help educators be better equipped for the year ahead.

This book will help you:

  • Build healthy relationships with students, parents, and guardians
  • Create a classroom environment where everyone feels safe, seen, and confident
  • Plan engaging lessons that inspire all students to learn at high levels
  • Become aware of secondary traumatic stress symptoms and map out ways to stay mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy
  • Adapt practical strategies you can implement immediately to support student success

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Product Code: BKG142, EKF687

ISBN: 9781958590553

Published By: Solution Tree

“I wish I had come across this book thirty-six years ago when I first entered the teaching profession. Like many passionate educators who aspire to change the world, I believed I was fully prepared. However, I soon realized that I lacked the practical knowledge and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of teaching: managing classroom behavior, establishing effective routines, monitoring student progress, and taking care of oneself. Hierck and Kajitani’s book is a valuable resource for both new and experienced teachers alike. It offers concrete solutions and removes the ambiguities that often accompany teaching. With this guide in hand, teachers can confidently navigate the challenges of the profession and transform them into actionable strategies for success.”

Katie McKnight, author, researcher, educator, and CEO and founder, Engaging Learners

“Tom Hierck and Alex Kajitani have written a comprehensive and practical resource focusing on the key aspects and critical practices required for those entering the teaching profession. Anyone who works with, supports, mentors, and cares for a new teacher must get this book into the hands of that beginning teacher. It is apparent that Tom and Alex care deeply about ensuring our next generation of educators not only do well but also look after their own well-being in order to be their very best for students. This is an important read for all new teachers.”

Peter Marshall, education consultant and retired administrator

“Tom Hierck and Alex Kajitani's You're a Teacher Now! What’s Next? is a lifeline for educators. With practical advice spanning classroom setup to self-care, it’s an indispensable guide for both new and seasoned teachers. This book’s accessible format addresses key challenges, making it a must for anyone committed to creating a positive and impactful learning environment. From fostering meaningful relationships with students and families to effective behavior management and lesson planning, this comprehensive resource empowers teachers to navigate the complexities of the profession. Hierck and Kajitani provide a road map for success in and out of the classroom. You’re a Teacher Now! What's Next? is not just a book; it’s a mentor, a friend, and a source of inspiration for educators on their journey to excellence. It equips teachers with the competence to foster confidence, enabling them to embrace the belief that every student has unlimited capacity to learn.”

Brian Butler, educational consultant and author of Every Student Deserves a Gifted Education

You’re a Teacher Now! What’s Next? is a phenomenal and practical road map to the teaching profession. From setting up the classroom to dealing with difficult students, having hard conversations with parents and taking care of yourself, Hierck and Kajitani have crafted a guide that is not only informative but truly transformative for educators at every stage of their career. By incorporating tips, tricks, and tools, both new and veteran teachers can create a positive and effective learning environment, fostering success for themselves and their students throughout the school year! Absolutely one of the best educational books written in a long time!”

Holly Blair, executive director of Maine Principal’s Association

“Hierck and Kajitani’s book is like having a veteran teacher at your side to start the year. Their practical advice will have new and developing teachers feeling confident in the tried and true methods of effective, and experienced educators.”

Linsey Hope, director of education at Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Agency

“Tom Hierck and Alex Kajitani have put together the essential guide for new teachers in their book, You’re a Teacher Now! What’s Next? Their conversational tone helps to not only explain key points, but builds confidence for new teachers. The book focuses on intuitive and common sense ideas that can build a sense of ‘I can do it’ for novice and experienced teachers alike. They go beyond strategies and share the mindsets needed to build relationships with and motivate learners. All teachers can gain from the wisdom shared in this book.”

John Eller, educational consultant and coauthor of Thriving as a New Teacher

“This book is a must have for all new teachers! This outstanding resource provides a comprehensive guide for any new teacher to hit the ground running with a plan for success. It covers everything from setting up your classroom environment, to building relationships, classroom management, and more. But where this book really solidifies itself as comprehensive is with the thoughtful insight to a student’s academic success through assessment and grading, planning for interventions, and successfully working with parents and guardians. The authors even address the topic that afflicts many new educators and that is investing in yourself and self care to ensure a long, successful career as a teacher. This book could easily be titled, Everything I Wish I Had Learned in My Credential Program. This is a must-have resource for any new educator and should be a mandatory curriculum in all teacher preparation programs.”

Drs. Jessica and John Hannigan, behavior experts, educational consultants, and authors

“Given the rapid and often unprecedented pace of change in education, it’s easy to forget that those at the beginning of their teaching careers need and deserve sound advice on how to establish themselves on sold footing. Tom Hierck and Alex Kajitani’s thoughtful book closes the gap between what can often feel like a chasm between teacher preparation programs and the realities of everyday life in the classroom. From engaging lessons to student behavior, from working with parents to self-care, this book is the authentic and optimistic view of the profession every new teacher needs!”

Tom Schimmer, education author and speaker

“Whether you are a new teacher looking for an outline of how to create a great classroom environment or a veteran looking for some new ideas, this book is for you! You’re a Teacher Now! What’s Next? is filled with dozens of great ideas and practical ways to build a classroom community and learning environment that will ensure high-level success by all!”

Greg Wolcott, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning, Woodridge School District 68, Woodridge, Illinois

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