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Teacher Efficacy

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  1. Todd Whitaker

    Todd Whitaker, PhD, is a professor at Indiana State University. Recognized as a leading presenter in the fields of education and leadership, his message has resonated with over a million professionals around the world.


  2. Gail Markin

    Gail Markin is a counselor and teacher who has worked to support health and well-being across British Columbia. She began her career as a social worker, family counselor, and parent educator.


  3. Ann Delehant

    Ann Delehant is an experienced facilitator, learning leader, and agent of systemwide change. Her work focuses on developing, supporting, and coaching leaders at all levels, building collaborative cultures, and facilitating systems change.


  4. Joellen Killion

    Joellen Killion serves as the senior advisor for Learning Forward. With more than 40 years’ experience, she leads, facilitates, and contributes to initiatives related to examining the link between professional learning and student learning.


  5. Teacher Leaders, Classroom Champions

    How to Influence, Support, and Renew School Communities

    Teacher leadership is not about doing more, it’s about doing what matters most. We can’t put more hours in the school day, but those hours can be used better to achieve goals for schools. The purpose of this book is to provide information that teacher leaders can act on right now.



  6. Benches in the Bathroom

    Leading a Physically, Emotionally, and Socially Safe School Culture

    Educational leadership can help ensure teachers are at their best by taking steps to create and maintain a safe, comfortable culture for all staff. A leader who’s committed to establishing and maintaining an environment that prioritizes wellness and teacher stress management will find answers in this book.



  7. The Educator Wellness Plan Book and Journal

    Continuous Growth for Each Season of Your Professional Life

    This goal-setting planner offers K–12 teachers and administrators a practical tool for integrating physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness tips and strategies daily to create a personal and professional life that maintains focus and balance.


    Hardcover, Spiral Bound

  8. Choose Your Own Master Class

    Urgent Ideas to Invigorate Your Professional Learning

    Design your learning experience from stand-alone chapters that speak to your needs, and unite in group discussion. Conversations can focus on one chapter, or you may choose to jigsaw across chapters. Guiding questions and practical tools will help you collaborate toward creative solutions for school improvement.



  9. Evisha Ford

    Evisha Ford, EdD, is the founding executive director of the iCan Dream Center in Illinois and a sought-after thought leader specializing in trauma-compassionate leadership, equity, and diverse learners. She is a former assistant superintendent and director of special education.


  10. The Virtual Professional Wellness and Self-Care for Educators Portable Event Package

    November 16 & Sunday, December 31, 2020

    The Virtual Professional Wellness and Self-Care for Educators Portable Event Package is thoughtfully designed to support a healthy, balanced, and meaningful professional life for all school employees—from teachers, administrators, and support staff to social workers, nurses, and counselors.