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Assertive Discipline®

Assertive Discipline® BESTSELLER

Positive Behavior Management for Today's Classroom

By: Lee Canter

This classic resource now includes a real-time coaching model and guidance for establishing a schoolwide Assertive Discipline® program.

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Assertive Discipline®

This book contains the best concepts and teacher-tested strategies by the author plus new content. A special emphasis on the needs of new and struggling teachers includes practical actions for earning student respect and teaching them behavior management skills. The author also introduces a real-time coaching model and explains how to establish a schoolwide Assertive Discipline program.

2010 AEP winner

  • Learn how to become an effective classroom manager.
  • Explore how social developments have redefined the teacher’s role.
  • Utilize a proactive approach to help students succeed.
  • Strike a balance between establishing a disciplined classroom while building trusting and caring relationships with students.
  • Create a classroom discipline plan.
  • Teach students the discipline plan.
  • Motivate the majority of students to behave appropriately.
  • Involve parents and administrators to support the most challenging students.
  • Use the Real Time Classroom Coaching Model.
  • Establish a schoolwide Assertive Discipline® program.

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