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Building a Professional Learning Community at Work™ BESTSELLER

A Guide to the First Year

By: Parry Graham, William M. Ferriter

Foreword by: Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour

Chapter stories reveal good decisions and mistakes inherent to the PLC process. The authors analyze each scenario and offer practical recommendations and tools.

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Format: Paperback

Building a Professional Learning Community at Work™

Get a play-by-play guide to implementing PLC concepts. Each chapter begins with a story focused on a particular challenge. A follow-up analysis of the story identifies the good decisions or common mistakes made in relation to that particular scenario. The authors examine the research behind best practice and wrap up each chapter with recommendations and tools you can use in your school.

Learning Forward 2010 Book of the Year Foreward Magazine's Book of the Year

  • Get a compelling, accessible narrative to grasp PLC problems and solutions.
  • Read the book cover to cover or select chapters for minilessons.
  • Gain reproducible tools you can use in your own schools.

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKF273

ISBN: 9781934009598

Page Count: 240

“Education and learning is a job all of its own. [This book] discusses how to form a professional learning community and keep it afloat through the times. Professional learning communities' success depends on implementation, and Perry Graham and William M. Ferriter explain the concept well and give great advice in understanding it and taking it to the next level. [This book] is a must for any PLC trying to become an early success.”

The Midwest Book Review, January 2011

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