Elements of Grading

Elements of Grading

A Guide to Effective Practice

By: Douglas Reeves

This book provides teachers and administrators with practical suggestions for making the grading process more fair, accurate, specific, and timely.

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Elements of Grading

Effective teacher feedback is crucial to improving student achievement. The author provides educators with practical suggestions for making the grading process more fair, accurate, specific, and timely. In addition to examples and case studies, this edition offers a significant amount of new content, including an exploration of how the Common Core State Standards and new technologies impact grading practices.

  • Evaluate grading systems at all levels from national policies to classroom practices.
  • Learn strategies for making grading practices fair, accurate, specific, and timely to improve student learning.
  • Explore how the Common Core State Standards impact grading practices and systems.
  • Discover ways to utilize new technology tools for more efficient grading.
  • Examine sample grading policies and standards-based report cards.
  • Use reproducible tools to reflect on and improve the grading process.

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ISBN: 9781936763894

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 232

“Contributing to the national conversation and debate about the role of grading and the nature of long-standing assessment practices in the United States, Douglas Reeves's Elements of Grading offers well-researched, practical insights that can be used to further assessment reform efforts.”


“Douglas Reeves has taken on one of the most controversial subjects in education today—grading. He looks for common ground while advocating for standards-based grading and presents a research-based case for how educators can utilize grading practices that lead to higher levels of student learning. This book is filled with practical solutions to a vexing problem and should be required reading for educators and policymakers alike.”

Richard DuFour, educational author and consultant

“In Elements of Grading: A Guide to Effective Practice (2nd edition), Dr. Reeves uses the most powerful research to date to share the critical elements an educator needs to improve student performance. He offers evidence; practical, real-life examples; and proven effective tools and strategies for improving successful grading practices and policies. Dr. Reeves provides a clear path to success and positive student outcomes and openly invites grading skeptics to take a closer look.”

Linda A. Gregg, EdD, CEO, American Teachers Academy

“This book presents practical, research-based ways to make grading more fair, accurate, specific, and timely. Every teacher and school administrator needs this book. It offers excellent, real-life examples and a compelling argument for change. Implementing Reeves's suggestions could enhance not only grading practices but also student learning.”

Barbara Walvoord, professor emerita, University of Notre Dame

“Dr. Reeves's passion for making grading systems more effective is contagious and motivates change leaders, teachers, and administrators to do right by students. This valuable resource offers tools and strategies for narrowing what Reeves calls a wide gulf between implementing standards and using standards-based grading, approaching the grading debate, and much more.”

Lisa Almeida, author and associate, Creative Leadership Solutions

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