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  1. Time For Change: Essential Skills and Tools for Strong Leaders

    Vancouver, British Columbia |  November 17–18, 2020

    Presenters: Luis F. Cruz

    During this workshop, teams of teachers, counselors, building administrators, and district administrators will study four distinctive leadership behaviours proven to promote positive change: (1) communication, (2) trust-building, (3) professional capacity, and (4) universal accountability.

    CAD $689.00

    Seats available

  2. Unlocked: Assessment as the Key to Everyday Creativity in the Classroom Workshop

    Vancouver, British Columbia |  November 19–20, 2020

    Presenters: Katie White

    Creativity enhances the quality of our lives, encouraging us to look deeper, search wider, and explore multiple perspectives. During this small-group workshop, expert Katie White will prepare individuals and teams to leverage assessment to unlock student creativity.

    CAD $689.00

    Seats available

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