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Classroom Habitudes

Teaching Habits and Attitudes for 21st Century Learning

You know students need to acquire 21st century skills. But how do you work those skills into the curriculum? Learn how to use the content you already teach to challenge students to think critically, collaborate with others, solve new problems, and adapt to change across new learning contexts. Help students build the seven habitudes—habits of disciplined decisions and specific attitudes—they need to succeed.


  • Take advantage of simple, fast methods to teach critical 21st century skills.
  • Learn a set of transferable concepts that you can teach and students can apply across every grade level and discipline.
  • Explore model lessons to help students become critical, creative, and strategic learners.
  • Nurture self-motivation, a key ingredient for student achievement.
  • Help students develop habits and attitudes that sustain effort and accomplishment both in and out of school.
  • Use this new shared language to build a culture of learning.

Classroom Habitudes


Introduction: Redefining Success in the 21st Century
Chapter 1: Nurturing Genius: A Framework for Teaching and Learning the Habitudes
Chapter 2: Imagination
Chapter 3: Curiosity
Chapter 4: Self-Awareness
Chapter 5: Perseverance
Chapter 6: Courage
Chapter 7: Passion
Chapter 8: Adaptability
Chapter 9: Closing Thoughts
Appendix A: The Habitudes Notebook
Appendix B: Habitudes Pre- and Postassessment