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Gearing Up for Learning Beyond K–12

Changing technologies—as well as demographics, economics, and education policies—are rapidly transforming higher education. This short, reader-friendly book explores current trends in postsecondary education and focuses on developments most likely to impact its future. The author analyzes why we must rethink our understanding of life beyond high school to better prepare students for careers, further education, and economic prosperity.


  • Explore how technology has transformed, and will continue to transform, higher education.
  • Analyze the cultural, economic, racial, and social changes influencing and creating gaps in higher education.
  • Understand the reasons for a perceived cost/value crisis in American higher education.
  • Consider why the number of American students enrolled in United States colleges has decreased since 2012 in spite of an overall population increase.
  • Imagine the advantages that less expensive, alternative campuses may offer.
  • Review the learning tools that learners may access without visiting campus or enrolling in college.

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Bringing Innovation to School

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Chapter 1: After the Technological Tsunami
Chapter 2: The World and the Campus
Chapter 3: Peak Campus
Chapter 4: College After Campuses
Chapter 5: Campus of the Future


Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5