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The Myth of the Muse

Supporting Virtues That Inspire Creativity

Creativity is crucial in helping students achieve success. The authors argue that creativity is not spontaneous or inborn but a process that can be cultivated by utilizing seven "virtues" that inspire creativity: curiosity, versatility, synthesis, discipline, collaboration, experimentation, and tenacity. Ideal for team study and discussion, the book includes assessment rubrics as well as sample activities and practical guidelines to encourage and facilitate creativity.


  • Engage in conversations about creativity
  • Consider the crucial elements of creativity
  • Challenge their preconceptions about creativity
  • Explore the work of great creative people throughout history
  • Gain advice on what practices both educators and policymakers should avoid and emulate in applying creativity
  • Reflect creatively based on prompts provided at the end of each chapter

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The Myth of the Muse

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Introduction: The Creativity Imperative
Chapter 1: Creativity Myths
Chapter 2: Curiosity
Chapter 3: Versatility
Chapter 4: Synthesis
Chapter 5: Discipline
Chapter 6: Collaboration
Chapter 7: Experimentation
Chapter 8: Tenacity
Appendix A: Assessing Creative Processes in the Classroom
Appendix B: Guidelines for Leaders