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The New Pillars of Modern Teaching

Revamp the traditional pillars of pedagogy for the digital world. Using real-world examples and relevant stories, the author shares how educators can empower learners to design their instruction, curate their curriculum, and build feedback loops to assess their development. Acquire a deep understanding of the student's role in the digital classroom, and recognize the importance of making mistakes to move forward.


  • Investigate the effect technology has on the classroom and student work.
  • Explore ways to support students in owning their learning.
  • Move past the outdated, traditional pedagogical pillars—instruction, curriculum, and assessment.
  • Incorporate the new pedagogical pillars—design, curation, and feedback—into the classroom.
  • Gain practical resources and questions for reflection and discussion.

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The New Pillars of Modern Teaching

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Introduction: Technology and Pedagogy
Chapter 1: Why We Need to Change Pedagogy
Chapter 2: Pillar One—Design
Chapter 3: Pillar Two—Curation
Chapter 4: Pillar Three—Feedback
Chapter 5: Iteration and Failing Fast to Learn


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5