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Elements of Grading

A Guide to Effective Practice

Learn several strategies for improving grading practices, while examining the common arguments against reform. With this practical guide, you can improve grading to meet four essential criteria—accuracy, fairness, specificity, and timeliness—and also make the process quicker and more efficient. Examples, case studies, and opportunities for reflection facilitate individual and schoolwide examination of grading practices.


  • Learn a rational process for evaluating grading systems at all levels, from classroom practices to national policies.
  • Explore a collegial process for discussing some of the most contentious issues in grading.
  • Discover a communicative process for bringing all stakeholders into the discussion.
  • Get reproducible tools for self-reflection and improvement in grading.

Elements of Grading


Chapter 1: Grading Is Feedback
Chapter 2: The Grading Debate
Chapter 3: How to Improve Accuracy
Chapter 4: How to Improve Fairness
Chapter 5: How to Improve Specificity
Chapter 6: How to Improve Timeliness
Chapter 7: Time-Saving Strategies for Busy Teachers
Chapter 8: Leading Change for Effective Grading Practices
Conclusion: Leading Change in Grading Systems
Appendix: Reproducibles