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Proficiency-Based Assessment

With this user-friendly resource, K–12 teachers will discover how to close the gaps between assessment, curriculum, and instruction by replacing outmoded assessment methods with proficiency-based assessments. Learn the essentials of proficiency-based assessment, investigate why this kind of assessment has a key relationship with teaching and learning, and explore evidence-based strategies for successful implementation.


  • Follow a curriculum team's journey through the process of learning about and implementing proficiency-based assessment.
  • Discover how the phases in the proficiency-based assessment implementation process relate to each other and how each is important.
  • Understand the causes of learning gaps.
  • Study the commitments, unexpected combinations, insights, decisions, and assertions related to proficiency-based assessment.
  • Examine the types of assessment that teachers need to use and fully grasp in order to create harmonious assessment environments.

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Chapter 1: Beyond the Formative and Summative Divide
Chapter 2: Preparation
Chapter 3: Incubation
Chapter 4: Insight
Chapter 5: Evaluation
Chapter 6: Elaboration
Epilogue: Professional Learning as a Creative Process