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The PLC at Work™ Cartoon Book

This collection of clever cartoons shows the humorous side of working in a professional learning community. The book also features a foreword and introductory text for each chapter by Richard DuFour and Rebecca DuFour, who remind readers to keep a sense of humor along the journey to becoming a PLC.


  • Take a lighthearted look at the inner workings of PLCs.
  • Energize your team meetings with humor.


Chapter 1: Learning for All
Chapter 2: Collaboration
Chapter 3: Collective Inquiry
Chapter 4: SMART Goals
Chapter 5: Action Orientation
Chapter 6: Intervention
Chapter 7: Continuous Improvement
Chapter 8: Results
Chapter 9: Celebration


Download 24 sample cartoons for use in the classroom, meetings, and presentations. They are not authorized for commercial reproduction.