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Behavior Academies

Targeted Interventions That Work!

Effectively remedying student behavior means forming targeted behavior intervention methods. Authors Jessica and John Hannigan create a step-by-step process for replacing challenging student behaviors with those that strengthen essential life skills for school and beyond.


  • Address beliefs about students’ challenging behavior.
  • Learn the eight behavior academies and their corresponding life skills.
  • Identify the core components of an academy’s initial, ongoing, and exit sessions.
  • Build a behavior academy with a clearly outlined process.
  • Use behavior rehearsal cards for an academy’s ongoing sessions.

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Behavior Academies

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Introduction: Building Context
Chapter 1: Behavior Mindset
Chapter 2: Behavior Academy
Chapter 3: Behavior Academy Structure
Chapter 4: Behavior Academy Rehearsal Cards
Chapter 5: Build Your Own Behavior Academy
Chapter 6: Behavior Academy Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Tools


Chapter 3


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  • Hands-Off Academy Behavior Rehearsal Cards
  • Check-In Check-Out Academy Behavior Rehearsal Cards
  • Civility Academy Behavior Rehearsal Cards
  • Organizational Skills Academy Behavior Rehearsal Cards
  • Social Skills Academy Behavior Rehearsal Cards
  • Upstander Academy Behavior Rehearsal Cards
  • Motivation Academy Behavior Rehearsal Cards
  • Emotional Regulation Academy Behavior Rehearsal Cards



  • Hannigan, J., Hannigan, J. D., Mattos, M., & Buffum, A. (2021). Behavior solutions: Teaching academic and social skills through RTI at Work. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.