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Classroom Management for Academic Success

This groundbreaking resource details the first management program designed to specifically address the first priority for today's educator: improving the achievement of all students. Go beyond simply managing student behavior to quickly and effectively establishing an environment that promotes academic success in your classroom from day one. Teacher-tested, research-based strategies create a classroom in which children learn free from the distraction of disruptive behavior.


  • Teach all students to behave from the first day of class by using comprehensive lesson plans in all classroom activities.
  • Apply research-based instructional strategies that motivate students to stay engaged in all classroom activities.
  • Build trusting relationships with all students and parents using teacher-tested strategies.
  • Establish a positive climate in a disruptive classroom using the two-week turnaround program.

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Classroom Management for Academic Success

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Part 1: Overview of Classroom Management for Academic Success
Part 2: Empowering Beliefs and Expectations
Part 3: Teaching Responsible Behavior for Academic Success at the Beginning of the School Year
Part 4: The Behavior Management Cycle
Part 5: Building Trusting Relationships
Part 6: The 2-Week Turnaround Program
Part 7: Managing Instructional Activities to Promote Academic Success
Part 8: Managing Procedures for Academic Success
Part 9: Establishing Classroom Policies for Academic Success
Appendix: Overhead Transparencies


Chapter 7

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 35

Chapter 36