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Friendly Schools Plus Evidence for Practice

Whole-School Strategies to Enhance Students' Social Skills and Reduce Bullying in Schools

This title is part of the Friendly Schools Plus series. Friendly Schools Plus is a schoolwide program to reduce bullying and foster a caring culture for students at every grade level. Contact us to learn about on-site training opportunities for your staff.

Discover how to reduce bullying and foster a caring school environment. This core resource provides an in-depth explanation of the research base for the Friendly Schools Plus series. You'll gain access to clearly outlined strategies to assist your team in integrating the initiative into your school's or district's culture and explore tools for assessing your progress and planning to address areas of need.


  • Develop a safe school environment that supports learning and promotes healthy social skills among students.
  • Explore the relationship between school culture and students' learning and health.
  • Discover strategies to help bullied students and discourage bullying.
  • Implement policies that foster positive teacher-student relationships.
  • Access resources to facilitate and strengthen classroom activities and practices.

Friendly Schools Plus Teacher Resource


Chapter 1: Evidence Before Action
Chapter 2: Building Capacity
Chapter 3: Supportive School Culture
Chapter 4: Proactive Policies and Practices
Chapter 5: Key Understandings and Competencies
Chapter 6: Protective Physical Environment
Chapter 7: School–Family–Community Partnerships


Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7