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Trauma-Sensitive Instruction

Create safe classrooms where students are empowered to build resilience, cope with traumatic experiences, and achieve at high levels. Learn how to cultivate a trauma-informed classroom environment and utilize classroom management strategies to encourage positive learning experiences for trauma-impacted students.


  • Understand childhood trauma and the impact traumatic experiences have on learners.
  • Develop a trauma-informed attitude and mindset.
  • Examine classroom structures that support trauma-sensitive practices while recognizing those that may contribute to trauma.
  • Gain effective classroom management strategies and techniques to support all students, including those experiencing trauma.
  • Learn how to develop trusting and positive relationships with trauma-impacted students and their families.

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Trauma-Sensitive Instruction

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Chapter 1: The Impact of Trauma on Educators and Students
Chapter 2: The Importance of Attitude and Mindset in Working With Trauma
Chapter 3: Classroom Structures to Support Trauma-Sensitive Practices
Chapter 4: Positive Relationships With Students
Chapter 5: Trauma-Sensitive Classroom Management Strategies and Techniques
Chapter 6: Parent and Family Engagement




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