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Building a Common Core–Based Curriculum: Mapping With Focus and Fidelity

Mapping With Focus and Fidelity

Discover your road map for creating a curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards. Explore various stages of curriculum development, from the preliminary work of building academic support to creating Common Core curriculum maps and tracking school improvement goals. Learn to effectively share information during the curriculum-building process, and engage in significant, collaborative conversations around the curriculum.


  • Develop a curriculum founded on the Common Core State Standards.
  • Learn the three essential structures for curriculum building: active administrative involvement, focused curriculum conversations, and effective assessments.
  • Foster a collaborative environment in which teachers can share their teaching and learning expectations.
  • Introduce an ongoing curriculum-mapping process that welcomes continuous conversation and revision.
  • Access dozens of tools and examples to support curriculum mapping and track school improvement.

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Building a Common Core–Based Curriculum

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Chapter 1: Setting the Stage for Curriculum Building
Chapter 2: Understanding the Common Core State Standards
Chapter 3: Translating the Common Core State Standards
Chapter 4: Creating Scope and Sequence Maps
Chapter 5: Creating Individual Teacher Maps
Chapter 6: Using the Curriculum-Mapping Data
Appendix A: Curriculum-Management Software Selection Criteria
Appendix B: Assessment Tools and Templates
Appendix C: Individual Teacher Map Samples
Glossary of Terms


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Appendix B