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Teaching Argumentation

Ensure students develop the argumentation and critical-thinking skills they need for academic and lifetime success. Discover 10 fun, engaging activities and games for teaching argumentation that align with the CCSS. Incorporate these tools into your instruction to help students develop their ability to present and support claims, distinguish fact and opinion, identify errors in reasoning, and debate constructively.


  • Obtain games and activities to support instruction and teach argumentation skills.
  • Help students develop the critical-thinking skills necessary to lead informed lives.
  • Facilitate classroom discussions about various topics—including difficult ones—to prepare students for democratic life.
  • Provide students with the tools to build effective arguments and relay complex information.
  • Access reproducibles including question cards, memory cards, evidence organizers, answer keys, and more.

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Teaching Argumentation

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1. I Think, I Like, I Believe
2. Opinion Scoot
3. Fishing for Facts
4. Argument Relay
5. Rapid Fire
6. Which One Doesn’t Belong?
7. Text Evidence Bingo
8. Rhetoric Memory
9. Claim Capers
10. Convince the Crowd
Appendix A Facts and Opinions
Appendix B Claims


Slideshow Presentations

Rhetoric Memory Cards



Chapter 5: Rapid Fire

Chapter 10: Convince the Crowd