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Vocabulary for the New Science Standards

Impact science education with direct vocabulary instruction. With this three-part resource, you’ll discover a six-step process for successfully incorporating vocabulary from the new science standards into student learning. Identify the crucial aspects of vocabulary education, and learn targeted strategies to actively engage students. Gain access to lists of essential scientific terms that will help you establish an effective, organized vocabulary program.


  • Recognize the importance of vocabulary instruction on student reading ability and academic achievement.
  • Gain access to self-evaluation scales that students can use to score their degree of understanding.
  • Select from a menu of vocabulary words related to crosscutting practices and concepts, cognitive processes, and domain-specific science terms to enhance student learning from grade to grade.
  • Discover the components and support needed to implement a systemwide vocabulary program.
  • Create a system of assessment that tracks student progress with vocabulary from the science standards as they learn.

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Part I: Vocabulary Instruction for the New Science Standards
Chapter 1: The Importance of Vocabulary
Chapter 2: A Six-Step Process for Direct Vocabulary Instruction
Chapter 3: Vocabulary Terms From the New Science Standards
Chapter 4: Building a Vocabulary Program

Part II: General Academic Vocabulary Terms
Crosscutting Practices and Concepts
Cognitive Verbs

Part III: Domain-Specific Vocabulary Terms
Physical Science
Life Science
Earth and Space Science

Appendix: Master List of Terms
Part II Categories
Part III Measurement Topics