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Dismantling a Broken System Free Reproducibles

Actions to Bridge the Opportunity, Equity, and Justice Gap in American Education

Become a hyperlocal activist for change and help ensure a bright future for every student. Written for educators at all levels, this resource dives into the American education system, exposing the history of discrimination and offering strategies for establishing financially and academically equitable learning environments.


  • Engage in specific ways to acknowledge and educate yourself and your students about racism and improve your cultural responsiveness.
  • Know the link between school funding and local wealth and how it perpetuates educational injustice.
  • Explore ways to improve programs for those who are becoming teachers or who are new to the profession.
  • Consider new policies for teachers’ unions.
  • Discover people and organizations that are making change in their local areas.

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Dismantling a Broken System

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: America’s History of Racism, Color Blindness, and Implicit Bias
Chapter 2: School Funding, Zip Codes, and Housing
Chapter 3: Teacher Preparation
Chapter 4: Conflicts Between Reformers, Unions, and Schools
Appendix: Suggested Resources and Readings

Suggested Resources


  • Buffum, A., Mattos, M., & Malone, J. (2018). Taking action: A handbook for RTI at Work. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.