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Equitable Instruction, Empowered Students

A Teacher’s Guide to Inclusive and Culturally Competent Classrooms

Author Carissa R. McCray offers instructional practices for teachers and educators that encourage students to tear down the injustices surrounding them by providing the tools to combat biases inherent in education.


  • Understand the injustices inherent in education
  • Design a curriculum that fosters equity and justice
  • Create a classroom environment where any student can feel safe and heard
  • Enact both a mission and a vision in pedagogical practices
  • Enable effective communication with both students and families
  • Provide diverse assessments that address every type of learner

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Equitable Instruction, Empowered Students

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Building a Culture of Opportunity
Chapter 1: Becoming Culturally Competent
Chapter 2: Transforming the Curriculum
Chapter 3: Shaping Classroom Culture
Part 2: Speaking the Language of Freedom
Chapter 4: Articulating Your Purpose, Vision, and Mission
Chapter 5: Communicating With Students
Chapter 6: Engaging With Families
Part 3: Assessing at Cultural Intersections
Chapter 7: Understanding Intersectionality
Chapter 8: Diversifying Assessments
Chapter 9: Committing to Reflection, Professional Development, and Modification
Appendix: Aligning With Teacher Evaluations


Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 9




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