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Author Hedreich Nichols infuses this book with a direct yet conversational style to help you identify biases that adversely affect your practice and learn how to move beyond those biases to ensure a more equitable, inclusive campus culture.


  • Recognize your own personal biases and how they affect the classroom.
  • Learn how your language can reinforce discrimination and how to choose inclusive language instead.
  • Understand gender and sexuality and how they relate to identity.
  • Discover ways to celebrate and foster diversity daily.
  • Identify microaggressions and how they create barriers to relationships.

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Finding Your Blind Spots

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Bias and Belonging
Chapter 2: Bias, Guilt, and Accountability
Chapter 3: Bias, Labels, and Language
Chapter 4: Bias in Curriculum
Chapter 5: Bias and Cultural Expression
Chapter 6: Bias, Gender Expression, and Sexual Identity
Chapter 7: Bias and Representation
Chapter 8: Bias in Action: Avoid Missteps