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Discover research-based strategies preK–12 administrators and teacher leaders can implement to effectively support English learners in their schools or districts.


  • Study research that supports the approaches to EL implementation covered in this book.
  • Review academic definitions and everyday definitions of key terms for EL services.
  • Gain clear guidance on how to communicate and implement expectations for EL teaching.
  • Learn how to take a whole-school approach to EL success.
  • Discuss key questions with your staff or team for supporting English learning.

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Promises Fulfilled

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Introduction: Just Who Are My English Learners, and How Do I Serve Them?
Chapter 1: What We Are Required to Do for ELs
Chapter 2: Instructional Components and Strategies for Teaching ELs
Chapter 3: English Language Development and Social and Emotional Skills
Chapter 4: Professional Development Components
Chapter 5: Professional Coaching in the Classroom
Chapter 6: Sustaining a Quality Implementation
Chapter 7: Whole-School Approach to Success for ELs (and All Other Students)
Appendix A: Recommended Books and Online Resources
Appendix B: Glossary of EL Categories




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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Appendix A

Appendix B