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Literacy Strategies for English Learners in Core Content Secondary Classrooms

Motivate English learners to boost proficiency with confidence. This book focuses on instructional strategies that integrate language, literacy, and content across all subject areas in secondary education. Presenting instructional methods within the framework of the Common Core and other state standards, the authors demonstrate how rigorous instruction can help amplify students' self-worth and promote more significant learning to ensure all students thrive.


  • Explore various classroom structures and support systems to increase ELs' achievement at the secondary level.
  • Discover the components of a comprehensive lesson plan that can integrate discourse into literacy and content learning.
  • Learn various strategies to incorporate academic English instruction and discourse into daily lessons.
  • Teach ELs to master comprehension of complex texts in the safety of peer groups.
  • Access sample lesson templates that integrate literacy into all subject areas.

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Literacy Strategies for English Learners in Core Content Secondary Classrooms

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Chapter 1: Classroom Structures
Chapter 2: Teaching Vocabulary
Chapter 3: Reading to Learn and Learning to Read
Chapter 4: Anchoring Language, Literacy, and Content After Reading
Chapter 5: Mathematics Instruction for English Learners
Chapter 6: Science Instruction for English Learners
Epilogue: Next Steps
Appendix A: Text Features and Structures
Appendix B: Summary Rubric
Appendix C: Sample Social Studies Lesson: Historical Thinking
Appendix D: Sample Mathematics Lesson: Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Appendix E: Sample Science Lesson: Consumption of Natural Resources
Appendix F: Sample Lesson Template


Appendix A

Appendix F