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Making Math Accessible to English Language Learners

Practical Tips and Suggestions, Grades 9–12

Making Math Accessible for English Language Learners provides classroom tips and suggestions to strengthen the quality of classroom instruction for teachers. These are based on research in practices and strategies that address the affective, linguistic, and cognitive needs of ELLs. Although the book centers on teaching ELLs, many of the tips and suggestions benefit all students. The book follows case studies of composite student profiles. Throughout the book, readers will find opportunities for reflection to increase personal awareness of both the teacher’s role and students’ needs. Tasks provide interaction with the content of the book, and hot tips inspire ideas for real-world situations.


  • An overview of the 5E instructional model: engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate
  • Sample 5E lesson plans complete with objectives and checklists for materials
  • Examples of how to adapt textbook lessons to the 5E model
  • Discussion and tasks to help readers identify and support different levels of language proficiency
  • Reproducible tools to prepare lessons and use with students
  • Reflective exercises for teachers
  • Addresses how a positive classroom environment enhances learning
  • Examines instructional models that meet the needs of ELLs
  • Provides useful tips for supporting ELLs’ language development while still teaching mathematics content

Making Math Accessible to English Language Learners


Chapter 1: The Challenges Facing English Language Learners and Their Teachers
Chapter 2: Providing Affective Supports for English Language Learners
Chapter 3: Providing Linguistic Supports for English Language Learners
Chapter 4: Providing Cognitive Supports for English Language Learners
Chapter 5: Applying Strategies for ELLs: A 5E Lesson
Chapter 6: Adapting a Traditional Textbook Lesson
Appendix A: Selected Glossary
Appendix B: English/Spanish Cognates in Math
Appendix C: Sample Responses to Tasks and Reflections
Appendix D: Reproducibles for Lesson on Proportional Changes in Dimension
Appendix E: Cooperative Grouping for the ELL Classroom
Appendix F: A 5E Lesson Plan Template