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The Five Dimensions of Engaged Teaching

A Practical Guide for Educators

Engaged teaching recognizes that educators need to offer more than lesson plans and assessments for students to thrive in the 21st century. Equip your students to be resilient individuals, able to communicate effectively and work with diverse people. The authors contend that students must develop their emotional and social skills as thoroughly as their academic skills, and that teachers must cultivate this growth.


  • Gain practical, classroom-ready teaching techniques that are supported by research.
  • Discover how to incorporate meaningful classroom practices that support each of the five dimensions.
  • Learn to collaborate with fellow educators to optimize engaged teaching outcomes.

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The 5 Dimensions of Engaged Teaching

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Chapter 1: Engaged Teaching
Chapter 2: Cultivating an Open Heart
Chapter 3: Engaging the Self-Observer
Chapter 4: Being Present
Chapter 5: Establishing Respectful Boundaries
Chapter 6: Developing Emotional Capacity
Chapter 7: The Learning Journey: Putting It All Together in the Classroom
Chapter 8: The Journey Is the Destination


Chapter 1

Chapter 8