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EMPOWER Your Students

Discover how to use the elements of EMPOWER—exploration, motivation, participation, openness, willingness, empathy, and resilience—to make school a positive, meaningful experience for students.


  • Understand what values are and how they are different from preferences and goals.
  • Discover how to help students determine what values they want to enact at school and in life.
  • Examine how to incorporate values work into the classroom curriculum in all disciplines.
  • Explore examples of classroom experiences that highlight the importance of student empowerment.
  • Learn how to bring your own values to the classroom to become a better teacher and colleague.

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EMPOWER Your Students

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Introduction: Empowering Students to Transform What School Means
Part I: Activities That Empower Students
Chapter 1: Exploration—Empower Students to Become Curious About Their Values
Chapter 2: Motivation—Empower Students to Make Their Values the Reason for Doing Schoolwork
Chapter 3: Participation—Empower Students to Create Opportunities to Enact Their Values
Chapter 4: Openness—Empower Students to Share Their Values
Chapter 5: Willingness—Empower Students to Serve Their Values Even When It’s Hard
Chapter 6: Empathy—Empower Students to Treat Each Other According to Their Values
Chapter 7: Resilience—Empower Students to Treat Themselves According to Their Values
Part II: Strategies That Empower Students
Chapter 8: Empowering Dialogue—How to Activate Student Values Through One-on-One Conversations
Chapter 9: Empowering Partnerships—How to Involve Parents in Helping Students Enact Their Values
Chapter 10: Empowering Collaborations—How to Center Student Values in Discussions With Colleagues
Chapter 11: Empowering Curriculum—How to Incorporate Student Values Into Your Course Content
Chapter 12: Empowering Inquiry—How to Assess the Impact of Helping Students Pursue Their Values
Chapter 13: Empowering Yourself—How to Bring Your Own Values to Your Work
Conclusion: Paths to Empowerment
Appendix: Examples of Values




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Chapter 9

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Values and Questions