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Making Learning Flow

Rethink student engagement and bring flow to the classroom to inspire students to love learning and reach optimal achievement.


  • Learn the fundamentals of flow
  • Reimagine student engagement to create conditions that foster a state of flow regularly
  • Motivate students to become naturally curious, creative critical thinkers
  • Make learning inherently fun—encouraging students to love learning
  • Gain effective strategies for improving motivation, instruction, pacing, and feedback in the classroom
  • Understand how intrinsic motivations can better inspire students’ learning than extrinsic rewards
  • Grasp how to effectively match students’ perceived skills with an equal level of challenge
  • Issue immediate and effective feedback to help students monitor their own learning progress

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Making Learning Flow

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Chapter 1: What Is Flow?
Chapter 2: Motivation—Shifting From Extrinsic to Intrinsic Rewards
Chapter 3: Instruction—Shifting From Differentiation to Personalization
Chapter 4: Pacing—Shifting From Action to Suspense
Chapter 5: Feedback—Shifting From Top-Down to Horizontal Assessment