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The Student-Centered Classroom Reproducibles

Transforming Your Teaching and Grading Practices

Empower students to become creative, well-rounded citizens who are prepared to meet and overcome real-world challenges.

Student-centered classrooms make it possible for schools to fulfill their best and most enduring promise: to give students a fair chance to grow up literate, open-minded, and prepared to succeed. With this resource as your guide, you will learn six teaching practices to help you leave behind one-size-fits-all lessons, tests, and grades in favor of a student-centered approach that is interactive, individualized, and rigorous.


  • Learn how to use the two essential qualities of education, respect and agency, to help students achieve learning goals.
  • Find affirmation in being part of a community of educators that is creating the potential for a much-needed shift in the approach to education and academic rigor.
  • Discover how to use speaking, listening, writing, and reading in new and creative ways.
  • Explore the essential components of a student-centered approach to evaluation and assessment.
  • Understand how to counter misconceptions about student-centered learning when communicating with colleagues, administrators, and parents.

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The Student-Centered Classroom

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Chapter 1: Encourage Academic Success
Chapter 2: Support Personal Growth
Chapter 3: Make Space for Speaking and Listening
Chapter 4: Deepen Understanding With Writing and Reading
Chapter 5: Meet Individual Needs in the Evaluation Process
Chapter 6: Communicate With the School Community
Epilogue: Conclusion
Appendix: Frequently Asked Questions



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6



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