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Who Owns the Learning?

Preparing Students for Success in the Digital Age

Learn how to harness students' natural curiosity to develop them into self-directed learners. Discover how technology allows students to take ownership of their learning, create and share learning tools, and participate in work that is meaningful to them and others. Real-life examples illustrate how every student can become a teacher and a global publisher. The embedded QR codes link to supporting websites.


  • Read real-life examples that illustrate how technology is revolutionizing instruction and learning.
  • Develop techniques that will enable your students to own and direct their learning.
  • Discover hidden opportunities to create your own Digital Learning Farm communities.

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Who Owns the Learning?

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Digital Learning Farm
Chapter 2: The Student as Tutorial Designer
Chapter 3: The Student as Scribe
Chapter 4: The Student as Researcher
Chapter 5: The Student as Global Communicator and Collaborator
Chapter 6: Joining Forces in Purposeful Work: The Legacy of Student Contribution