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How to Interview, Hire, & Retain High-Quality New Teachers

The key to student success starts in the classroom. Principals face the challenge of finding and keeping highly qualified teachers who will work to ensure learning for all. The authors use firsthand experiences and observations to guide readers through effective processes for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and supporting faculty who best fit the needs of individual schools.


  • Gain insight into productive recruitment and interviewing procedures.
  • Learn effective approaches for determining the best interview questions to ask to collect the most necessary and relevant information about candidates.
  • Understand what constitutes effective mentoring and induction programs to support new teachers.
  • Form a recruitment process around the school's values and vision to find the best matches to fill teaching positions.
  • Discover newly hired teachers' suggestions for how to improve the hiring process and support systems for new teachers.

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How to Interview, Hire, & Retain High-Quality New Teachers

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Chapter 1: Why It Is So Important to Help Rookie Teachers
Chapter 2: How Your Values Define Your Task
Chapter 3: How to Start the Search
Chapter 4: How to Plan and Carry Out Interviews
Chapter 5: How to Draw Additional Questions From State and National Standards
Chapter 6: What Comes After the Interview
Chapter 7: How to Guide New Teachers After They Sign on the Dotted Line
Chapter 8: How the Central Office Supports New Teachers
Chapter 9: Final Reflections From New Teachers