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From fear to "Aha!": Math PD for transformative student learning — Learn more

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Leading a Learning Organization

The Science of Working With Others

Improve the quality of organizational learning in your school and address how current demands for rapid change and accountability contribute to levels of fear and stress. The author draws on educational, psychological, and neuroscientific research to show how leaders can change the prevailing emotional climate or tone of a school to promote deeper learning at all levels.


  • Understand why the rapid pace of change in education has created more fear and stress.
  • Learn how school leaders can reduce the impact of negative emotions and promote empowering ones.
  • Establish a more focused and effective work environment.
  • Recognize why new knowledge about memory can enhance learning at all levels.
  • Discover how to handle an overwhelming learning agenda.
  • Make collaboration an integral part of school culture.

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Leading a Learning Organization

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Chapter 1: Strategic Emotional Focus
Chapter 2: Acknowledging and Reframing Fear
Chapter 3: The Impact of Stress on Organizational Learning
Chapter 4: Vision With Learning in Mind
Chapter 5: Purpose-Driven Inquiry
Chapter 6: Using Memory Systems to Stimulate Deep Organizational Learning
Chapter 7: Handling Learning Overload
Chapter 8: Creating a Defined Learning Culture
Chapter 9: Inspired Collaboration
Chapter 10: Conclusion