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Leadership at Every Level

Five Qualities of Effective Classroom, School, and District Leaders

Nurture your leadership skills and grow as a lifelong learner with the support of Leadership at Every Level. Ideal for book studies, this resource shares practical, research-based strategies for strengthening leadership capacity at the classroom, school, and district levels.


  • Delve into the five qualities of successful leaders—(1) relationality, (2) innovation, (3) flexibility, (4) integrity, and (5) lifelong learning.
  • Examine real-world stories and vignettes from educators that highlight effective leadership in action at the classroom, school, and district levels.
  • Review practical, research-based strategies pertaining to the five key leadership qualities.
  • Reflect with end-of-chapter questions to enhance understanding of the material.
  • Receive reproducible tools and templates to easily transfer learning into practice.

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Chapter 1: What Makes an Effective Leader?
Chapter 2: Leaders Are Relational
Chapter 3: Leaders Are Innovative
Chapter 4: Leaders Are Flexible
Chapter 5: Leaders Have Integrity
Chapter 6: Leaders Are Lifelong Learners




  • Conzemius, A. E., & O’Neill, J. (2014). The handbook for SMART school teams: Revitalizing best practices for collaboration (2nd ed.). Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.