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Leading Unstoppable Learning

Designed for K–12 leaders, this title examines how to develop responsive leadership characteristics that foster schoolwide success. The author shares key strategies and practices for establishing a sustainable learning culture, such as creating an inclusive environment, inspiring teachers to become leaders, and supporting the creation of student-centered classrooms. Practical observation and planning forms are also featured throughout the book to boost leadership efficacy.


  • Explore the four principles of systems thinking—relationships, communication, responsiveness, and sustainability.
  • Study the critical characteristics of unstoppable learning leadership.
  • Consider driving questions designed to spur productive discussions among school leaders and collaborative teams.
  • Learn how to co-plan classroom curricula and behavior management with teachers.
  • Read real school vignettes that illustrate the importance of critical leadership characteristics.

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Leading Unstoppable Learning

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Chapter 1: Leading Learning Planning
Chapter 2: Leading Learning Target Launches
Chapter 3: Leading Learning Consolidation
Chapter 4: Leading Learning Assessment
Chapter 5: Leading Learning Adaptation
Chapter 6: Leading Learning Management
Epilogue: A Final Word on Systems Thinking and Leading Learning


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


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  • Fisher, D., & Frey, N. (2015). Unstoppable Learning: Seven Essential Elements to Unleash Student Potential. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.