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Leading With Trust

How to Build Strong School Teams

What are the causes of distrust? How do members of school teams discuss traditionally taboo topics? This field guide begins with personal exercises designed for leaders to use before they engage with staff. A variety of team exercises and a progressive series of strategies follow, to move the community toward a more trusting environment.


  • Examine the role of trust in continuous school improvement.
  • Identify the barriers to trust in school communities.
  • Support school staff in taking the emotional risks required to build strong teams.
  • Learn how to begin discussing the “undiscussable” issues in your school community.
  • Gain activities and exercises for moving from low- to high-trust and high-performing work environments.
  • Read dozens of inspirational quotations on the topic of trust.

Leading With Trust


Chapter 1: The Courage to Confront Distrust
Chapter 2: Lower-Risk Strategies to Deal With Distrust
Chapter 3: The Courage to Begin Building Trust
Chapter 4: Medium-Risk Strategies to Develop Trust
Chapter 5: The Courage to Create High-Trust Cultures
Chapter 6: Higher-Risk Strategies for High-Risk Cultures