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Moving Beyond Busy

Break the cycle of endless busywork to achieve sustainable change with the support of Moving Beyond Busy. This change management book will help you establish goal clarity, engage in strategic action, and guide transformational change for student-centered learning.


  • Examine traditional approaches to change management in schools and why they have often been ineffective.
  • Study the why-what-how sequence of change and how it provides a path to greater goal clarity and effectiveness.
  • Become familiar with the input-output-impact (I-O-I) framework, and understand how to use it to achieve lasting, transformational change.
  • Learn key methods for strategic planning in schools and how to enact change in your school.
  • Identify ineffective actions to eliminate in order to reduce teacher burnout and free up time and resources for practices that align with the school’s mission and vision.

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Moving Beyond Busy

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Chapter 1: Why—Identifying Problems With the Current Approach to Change
Chapter 2: What—Realigning Thought and Action
Chapter 3: How—Putting Impacts at the Center
Chapter 4: How—Assessing for Impacts
Chapter 5: How—Designing Systems Around Impacts
Chapter 6: How—Facilitating Change
Appendix: Sample Performance Areas for Impacts




  • McTighe, J., & Curtis, G. (2019). Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools (2nd ed.). Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press.