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Strengthening the Connection Between School & Home

Examine the pivotal role family engagement plays in student achievement, and explore in depth the process of creating and implementing a family-engagement plan. This research-based guide includes many specific strategies, handouts, and reproducibles leaders can use to make their schools family friendly and connect with those families who may be hard to reach.


  • Examine your own attitudes and beliefs about family involvement in schools.
  • Create successful family-school events and home visits.
  • Structure and schedule effective parent-teacher and parent-principal conferences.
  • Reach out to community leaders and businesses for support.
  • Use media and technology to enhance family engagement.

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Strengthening the Connection Between School & Home

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Chapter 1: The Importance of Family Engagement
Chapter 2: Creating a Family-Friendly School
Chapter 3: Improving Communication With Families
Chapter 4: Developing a Family Engagement Plan



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