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The School Leader's Guide to Grading

Ensure your school's grading procedures are supportive of learning, accurate, meaningful, and consistent. Discover how the “seven essential Ps” can improve your effectiveness in supporting assessment and communicating student achievement. You will also learn how to avoid inaccurate grades caused by penalties for lateness or academic dishonesty; extra credit; group rather than individual work; and marking down for attendance.


  • Understand what constitutes high-quality feedback.
  • View grade and report cards that embody best practices.
  • Increase your knowledge of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) standards.
  • Learn how to control for bias in your assessment practices.

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The School Leader's Guide to Grading

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Chapter 1: Grading That Supports Learning
Chapter 2: Grading That's Accurate
Chapter 3: Grading That's Meaningful
Chapter 4: Grading That's Consistent
Appendix A: Des Moines, Iowa, Public School District Policies
Appendix B: Hubbell Elementary School (a Des Moines Public School) Assessment Policy
Appendix C: Lawrence Public Schools, Kansas, Grade 3 Report Card
Appendix D: Lawrence Public Schools, Kansas, Grade 6 Report Card