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Moving Teachers From Evaluation to Professional Growth

Discover how to guide and enhance the job performance of teachers in your school or district. The authors share highly practical strategies for providing teachers meaningful feedback and encouraging their improvement. You'll discover how to evaluate teacher effectiveness, use multiple forms of data for evaluation, and communicate evaluation findings to teachers in a way that fosters their professional growth.


  • Learn the importance of and reasons for teacher supervision.
  • Access strategies to improve the teacher evaluation process.
  • Acquire skills to accurately assess and communicate teacher effectiveness.
  • Gain tips for holding productive conferences with teachers that offer clear direction for improvement.
  • Foster and maintain high-quality teacher performance that promotes student success.

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Chapter 1: Understanding the Elements of a Comprehensive Teacher Evaluation and Growth Process
Chapter 2: Defining Clear and Understood Performance Expectations
Chapter 3: Using Information From the Peer Coaching Process
Chapter 4: Using PLC Information
Chapter 5: Using Portfolios
Chapter 6: Using Student Feedback
Chapter 7: Using Student Achievement Data
Chapter 8: Conferencing With Teachers
Chapter 9: Understanding and Addressing Marginal and Deficient Teachers
Chapter 10: Documenting the Contract Termination Process
Chapter 11: Conducting and Delivering Summative Evaluations



Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 11