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Working With Difficult & Resistant Staff

To move forward in the school improvement process, school leaders must address the behaviors of difficult and resistant staff members while sending the message that a few people cannot halt change. This book will help school leaders understand how to prevent and address negative behaviors to ensure positive school change.


  • Find bullet points, checklists, and brief descriptions to assist in finding solutions fast.
  • Read authentic stories and specific insights that show exactly how to address each situation.
  • Gain helpful planning exercises and templates.
  • Answer reflective leadership questions to extend your learning.

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Working With Difficult & Resistant Staff

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Introduction: How Did They Get This Way?
Chapter 1: The Underminers
Chapter 2: The Contrarians
Chapter 3: The Recruiters
Chapter 4: The Challenged
Chapter 5: The On-the-Job Retirees
Chapter 6: The Resident Experts
Chapter 7: The Unelected Representatives
Chapter 8: The Whiners and Complainers
Chapter 9: Defending Yourself and Next Steps
Chapter 10: Influencing Your Staff Members' Behaviors