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Free Resources for 200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K–8

This easy-to-use reference guide provides K–8 teachers with practical strategies to motivate all students to develop their reading abilities across grade levels and content areas. With instructional practices that can be adapted for a wide range of academic interventions, teachers will be able to help students who are struggling with reading to make great strides in literacy achievement.


  • Gain insight into the early signs of reading struggles.
  • Examine relevant theory and research related to literacy.
  • Review questioning strategies to help students broaden their understanding when reading challenging texts.
  • Explore graphic organizers that can engage higher-level thinking skills.
  • Survey a toolbox of instructional practices for supporting literacy in inclusive classrooms.
  • Study a blueprint for success for literacy programs.

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200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K–8

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Struggling Reader
Chapter 2: Key Elements of Balanced Literacy Programs
Chapter 3: Effective Early Literacy Intervention
Chapter 4: Vocabulary Strategies: Helping Students Become Word Wise
Chapter 5: Graphic Organizers: Making Thinking Visible
Chapter 6: Content Strategies: Navigating Informational Text
Chapter 7: Questioning Techniques to Foster Higher-Level Thinking
Chapter 8: Developing an Action Plan for Success
Teacher’s Toolbox


Chapter 2 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Appendix Suggested Resource